About Divorce Destroys…Humor Heals


I was in a verbally, emotionally and financially abusive marriage for nearly 28 years. When my kids were born, my than husband and I both agreed that I would give up my career to stay home and raise our children. Over the years the abuse steadily worsened. Constantly I was belittled and degraded. It was ingrained in me on almost a daily basis what a horrible wife and mother I was. How worthless and lazy I was. How I would wind up homeless and penniless if I divorced him. On a never-ending basis I was told that if I thought being married to him was bad, just try divorcing him and see what would happen to me. He would make sure that I had nothing, he would have nothing and the attorneys would get everything. *He was true to his word about me and the lawyers! Over time the incessant criticism and put-downs chipped away at my self-worth. I lost myself-esteem, confidence and hope—but somehow, not my sense of humor.

This blog is about my journey through divorce and starting life over from square one as a middle-aged, single woman. And how the gift of laughter and finding the humor in the humorless got me through and continues to motivate me to continue moving forward.

It’s been said that the best revenge is living a successful, good life and just being happy.

Here’s to great revenge!


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