Planning Ahead…Part 2


When Dick came home from work the next day, he was in a dither.

He approached me and told me that he needed to speak with me.

*Never a good sign!

Dick then proceeded to inform me that he had a long talk with Josh earlier in the day.

Apparently Dick was caught completely off guard by the email. I couldn’t figure out why! For some strange reason, he was shocked that Ashley and I were planning to attend Josh’s graduation.

Honestly, did he really think I wouldn’t be at my only son’s college graduation?

Truth be told, I knew that was exactly what he thought, hoped and prayed for. Then he could gloat and tell everyone what a horrible mom I was for missing such an important occasion and how he was the parent extraordinaire.

When the reality set in that Ashley and I were going, the conversation convoluted down a new twisted path.

Dick made it clear that Ashley was not staying both nights in the hotel with me; nor would she be driving with me in both directions.

As he put it, “You are not taking precedence over her. She will spend equal time with both of us. You will take her to the university and she will spend Friday night in the hotel with you.  Then she will spend Saturday night in the hotel with me and I will drive her home on Sunday.”

On top of that, he declared that he made it clear to Josh and now he was doing the same with me (so there would be no misunderstanding at the graduation), that he would pay for his and the kids’ meals and I would have to pay for my own.

There was no way that he would cover any of my expenses. How I would pay for the weekend would be my problem. He was not giving me a dime.

Without missing an opportunity to throw in yet another dig, he finished his diatribe with, “Go get a job like everyone else and quit mooching off of me.”

Then he walked away.  As usual, there was no discussion. This was what he wanted and this was how it was going to be.

I was in a state of shock and totally livid.

What I just heard was completely incomprehensible. How could he be such a nasty, completely deranged SOB?

Attempting to soothe my wounded soul, I imagined running after him, grabbing him by his neck and strangling the living daylights out of him. To finish him off, I pictured myself beating him,  relentlessly pounding out all the pain he inflicted on me throughout our long, bitter marriage. Then I would watch him die a slow, painful death.

Wait! What was I thinking???

I quickly came back to my senses. An image of me spending the rest of my life in jail flashed before my eyes.  Not only was he not worth destroying my future over, but drab, shapeless prison jumpsuits wouldn’t do a thing for my figure. So I quickly banished those ideas from my mind.

Well… I didn’t actually eradicate those concepts from psyche.

I just chose to file them away until I could deal with the situation in a more mature and loving manner.



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