A Mother and Child Reunion


I planned to take Josh to the Village Deli for lunch. This well-known, casual eatery in the heart of town specialized in breakfast and lunch selections, was reasonably priced and served tasty, generous portions.

Surprisingly, in the three and a half years that Josh had been at Indiana University, he had never eaten there. I’ve dined there a few times, enjoyed my entrees and thought it would have been a nice treat for him. Besides that, I was famished from my long commute and was excited to finally spend some time alone with my son away from all the stress at home.

I picked Josh up at his frat house around noon, drove to the downtown area and found a spot in a municipal parking lot about a block away from Kirkwood (a popular street in Bloomington, Indiana, where the restaurant and a host of other eateries, bars and shops were located).

I was happy to finally get out of my car and give Josh a big hug and a kiss. As I did so, he immediately tensed up and backed away. What the heck was this all about? As members of my tribe would say, “Something was definitely not kosher here.”

As we walked toward the restaurant, it was obvious that Josh was in a foul mood. He claimed he was tired from a night of way too much partying, but I sensed it was much more than that.

As we neared the restaurant, we could see a line forming out of the door and down the street. It appeared that quite a few other people had the same idea that I did. What can I say…Great minds really do think alike.

Since the frat boys planned a wine and cheese party at Oliver Winery for later that afternoon and I still needed to find my hotel, unpack, bathe and change before the festivities, we needed to grab a quick bite to eat someplace else.

Josh suggested that we go to The Pita Pit, a new “healthy” salad place that  recently opened up. By the time we got there, it became clear what was bugging him.

Dick had called and texted him repeatedly that morning, annoying Josh to no end. As a result, this was not starting out to be the fun, carefree weekend that I envisioned. I had been with Josh barely a half hour and he seemed more perturbed than thrilled that I was there.

On top of that, I was starved, wiped out and in desperate need of a shower. When our food arrived at the table, Josh informed me that he would be picking me up at my hotel in about an hour. He had to be kidding me!!! How did he think I was supposed to eat, drive him back, check into my hotel, freshen up and be ready in 60 minutes? So much for a leisurely meal! We compromised and he agreed to pick me up in an hour and a half.

As I drove him back to his place, Josh informed me that Ashley was going to have a lot of student loans to pay back when she would go off to college. “Where did you come up with that?” I queried him.  He said that Dick told him since we were getting a divorce, his situation would be changing and he wouldn’t have the money to pay for Ashley’s college tuition like he did for Josh.

Upon hearing that, my blood began to boil . What was Dick thinking, discussing Ashley’s future with Josh? I informed Josh that when a couple was married, they were not obligated to pay for their children’s’ college education; however, when they were divorced, they were required by law to make sure this expense was covered.

Besides that, it really wasn’t a conversation Dick should have been having with Josh under any circumstances. This was an issue for him and me to deal with.

At that point I was getting a better idea why Josh was so tense earlier. I was beginning to feel the same way.

At that moment, spending the remainder of the afternoon at the winery was sounding like a wonderful idea. I was definitely in need of a drink or several for that matter.


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