License To Move?


For quite some time I’ve had my suspicions that Dick was planning  to move out west. However, aside from my gut instinct, I really didn’t have anything concrete to go on.

That all changed in a heartbeat. The sign that I was praying for finally appeared. It was plain as day. Unmistakable. I’d even go so far as to say it was heaven-sent.

To this day, I still get goosebumps just thinking about how this message arrived. Actually, it came right to my mailbox. Imagine that! Now that’s what I’d call “Special Delivery.” What else would an over-sized envelope addressed to Dick with the return address from the state medical licensing board where Juanita lived be?

With my heart pounding thunderously and wildly, I wrote down the info from this governing body and quickly ran upstairs to my room to do a google search on my computer.

What should I do with this information? was the question that began racing through my mind. It was clear that I needed to know if Dick was planning on picking up and moving out-of-state. After all, he was one tricky guy and he had promised me repeatedly that he would leave me with absolutely nothing.

It would be just his style to quit his job, pack up and leave no forwarding information to avoid paying maintenance and child support. After all, his hair-brained schemes have worked for him up till this point. Why should his luck change?

He’s definitely been on a roll—finding a  wealthy physician who has fallen in love with him (or at least with the lifestyle she thinks he’ll provide for her) who happened to live in the city that Dick could see himself adjusting to very comfortably and finally realizing his dream of having a hard-working woman who does well financially support him in the manner he’s always dreamed of (or so he thinks). All of his ducks were lining up very nicely. It was hunting season and Dick was going in for the kill.

With the belief, attitude and new-found guts that I had to do whatever I could to protect Ashley and myself, I decided to call this agency to find out if Dick was authorized to practice in that state.

While the phone was ringing, I was reminiscing  back to the call I made to Juanita. I wondered what the outcome of this conversation would reveal. Finally I was connected to the department that handled his specialty.  The woman introduced herself and I proceeded to ask if Dick had a license to practice there. Flustered, she told me, “No.” I then continued and questioned if one would be issued in the near future. Becoming belligerent, she queried who I was and why I was requesting this information. I told her the truth. At that point she became irate and told me in no uncertain terms to keep my divorce out of her office and never to call back there again. I thanked her for her time (thanks for nothing!!!) and hung up.

After I put the phone down, I became outraged. How dare she speak to me like that! Se was totally out of line. All she had to say was, ” I’m sorry but I can’t give out that information.” End of story…end of conversation. She didn’t have to be rude or threatening. I didn’t commit a crime by calling a government office for information. Nor did I try to cover up my intentions by claiming I was Dick’s secretary , assistant, etc., calling on his behalf. So much for honesty being the best policy. I contemplated calling her supervisor to complain about how she handled the matter, but common sense finally took over and I decided to drop it, forget about it and move on.

It quickly became obvious that she didn’t share my sentiment. That night, Dick told me he needed to talk to me. I was in Josh’s room with the door locked and I had no intention of getting into anything with him at that point. Then he told me that he needed the checkbook. I should have told him to bug off, but against my better judgement, I opened the door and handed it to him.

Immediately, he started in on me. He asked me if I knew what I was doing. I responded that yes I did. He proceeded to tell me that he knew what I was up to and I wouldn’t get away with it.

I was thinking, Did this woman really call Dick  to tell him about our conversation? Didn’t she have anything else to do all day or didn’t any other doctors need her attention? Apparently not! He continued his rampage with, “What you did today is now in the courts. One more phone call and you will be prosecuted.”

Of course Ashley was in her bedroom at the time and took all this in. Like a broken record, whatever Dick asked, said or threatened me with, I answered expressionless and emotionless, “I’m not going to discuss this with you.” While I sounded and acted like I was in complete control, inwardly I was a mass of quivering jello.

He was standing in the doorway and wouldn’t budge. I asked him repeatedly to move out-of-the-way so I could close the door.  Several times during our altercation, I became fearful that his anger would escalate, he would take things  a notch and become physically abusive.

Fortunately, after what felt like an eternity, he realized that he wasn’t able to make me go berserk. His efforts were fruitless. Finally he backed away and left the room. While his angry tirades scared the living daylights out of me, I did realize that what he was threatening me with was a bunch of bullsh&t. I knew without a doubt, Dick was bluffing big time. Did he honestly think I’d believe that his attorney would drop whatever he was doing and run down to the courthouse to file a complaint against me because I asked a government employee a simple question? Nevertheless, watching Dick go bonkers like this was petrifying. Looking at his sardonic gaze, I honestly believed he is the devil.

Totally exhausted but overstimulated from all the adrenaline that was deluging  my system, I was unable to calm down and go to sleep. Just another typical rough night in my home sweet home. I didn’t know how many more of these I’d be able to take before they’d start taking their toll. I wished that I could just pack my bags, get away from this hell-hole, unwind and enjoy myself for a few days.

Literally, it would have been a blessing if Dick would be out-of-state, out of mind and out of my daily life. As long as he would pay what he was supposed to, when he was required to, I’d be a happy camper. Who was I kidding!!! That was the last thing he intended to do.

Trying to keep my fears, worries and concerns about how things would play out down the road from spiraling completely out of control, I repeatedly told myself that everything happens for a reason, things will work out exactly the way they are meant to and better days are coming.

Maybe one day I’ll actually believe this.


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