The Battle Intensifies…Backup is Called For Active Duty (Part 2)

Shaking like a pair of maracas during a Cinco de Mayo celebration, I poured myself a glass of wine and tried to relax by watching Oprah. (remember this happened back in the early 2000’s) I didn’t have a clue what her show was about, nor did I sleep at all that night.

The next morning I apologized to Ashley for losing my temper. She told me it was okay. I told her that she was being very, very kind.

It definitely wasn’t alright. I was extremely upset that her father dragged her into a matter that was not her concern and manipulated her into taking sides against me. No parent should every put their child into that position. EVER!

Before leaving for school, Ashley told me that Dick called Josh at school over the weekend and told him also about my plans. She wanted me to call Josh and explain the situation to him. As she walked out the door she added, “Don’t tell Dad I told you about this.” I promised her that my lips were sealed.

That afternoon I called Josh and did more damage control.

When I said that I heard his father discussed the custody issue with him, his first response was, “I don’t care.” I told him that he shouldn’t care because this matter didn’t concern him nor should he have been told about the circumstances.

I explained that custody had to do with making decisions and at that point in time, neither his dad nor I knew exactly what that entailed, so there was absolutely no reason to involve him or his sister in something that wasn’t their business. I further reassured him that it was not my intent to keep either one of my children away from their father, even though Josh was an adult at the time and he was able to make his own decisions concerning whom to see and when. He was relieved by the end of our chat. I, on the other hand, was completely drained.

To think that all of this could have been avoided if Dick would only grow up and act his age instead of behaving like a spoiled rotten child.

Is it any wonder why my attorney felt that I should have sole custody???



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