Change of Scenery…Change of Attitude


About a week after Josh arrived home for break, he asked me if I would drive him to the airport the Monday after New Year’s Day because he would be going to Las Vegas to meet up with a few of his frat buddies.

This trip was news to me!!!

I queried if he asked his father for a ride since the two of them had practically become Siamese Twins joined at the hip, unable to make a move unless both did so simultaneously.

He informed me that Dick would be at work and wouldn’t be available. At the time I happily offered to be the designated driver. However, all bets were off when this latest incident occurred.

While this episode was playing itself out, I informed Josh that lying to me was totally unacceptable and because of how he was choosing to treat me, he will need to find another ride to the airport. He will not get away with being nice to me when he wants something and then do a one-eighty when there’s no payoff for him.

As it turned out, Dick stayed with Juanita till that Monday evening.

However Daddy Dearest generously paid for Josh’s cab fare to the airport and then picked him up at O’Hare when his plane landed back in Chicago three days later.

This being his first trip to “Sin City” as a legal adult, Josh had a wonderful time. He came home animated, happy and relaxed. His face lit up as he shared some amusing stories about his recent experiences.

Of course I realized that his tales were edited. Because as we all know…What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Regardless, he needed to get away from the immense pressure and tension weighing on him like a swollen, dark, ominous storm cloud struggling to contain itself until the bulk of it all becomes too oppressive and a torrential, violent downpour angrily releases its buildup, relentlessly showering down its contents until totally drained.

Away from the situation, even for a few days, did wonders for his mood and demeanor.

Two days later, Josh packed up his car and headed back to school.

Lucky kid!



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