My New Mantra



A number of people have asked me how I can be so upbeat, positive and flippant about my situation. They want to know what I’m thinking and feeling while dealing with all the turmoil in my life.

The answer is simple.

I don’t think…

I don’t feel…

I just deal.

These nine simple words have been my saving grace and my buffer from reality whenever life has become unbearable, unfathomable and/or unpredictable…which lately has been pretty much all the time.

Until further notice, the luxuries of thinking and feeling have been put on hold.

There is simply way too much to contend with.  Taking the time and energy to be logical and/or emotional isn’t something I can afford to do, if I want to come out of this divorce process with any semblance of sanity.

When it became inevitable that my marriage was ending and I would actually have to endure the consequences of the threats Dick made over the course of our matrimony, I made a decision that I would come out of this storm a winner.

Here’s my definition of emerging as a victor in the fight to the finish of our dissolution of wedlock. (wedlock…even this term sounds constricting and unyielding!):

I will be happy. I will be healthy. I will be successful and financially secure. I will find true love and live happily ever after.

In order to turn this vision into reality, I need to stay focused, sharp and on top of my game.

I have to keep my eye on the prize.

Therefore, I don’t think. I don’t feel. I just deal.







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