The Pair of Docs…


What a paradox this “pair of docs” has become.

Dick is head over heels in love…with other people’s money. He always has been and he always will be.

For as long as I’ve known him, he’s had a knack for sniffing out individuals who had solid finances and befriended them. He figured out how much they had, (or at least he thought he did) how lucky they were to have it, and most important of all, he obsessively brainstormed about the various was he could get a piece of the pie.

As I said before, he thought I was his ticket to “the good life.”

When he learned the hard (and now the expensive) way that was not the case, he immediately turned off the charm and let his true colors shine through.

And from extensive personal experience, I can vouch for the fact that those colors ain’t pretty. They’re downright putrid.

For several years he even had the audacity to tell me that I always said to him, “You marry me, you marry rich.”

Of course that never happened!

When he would say this phrase to me, chills would go up and down my spine and I would get sick to my stomach. This guy I married had a sick, twisted mind. Over the years he continually reinforced the truth to this statement.

So when I figured out he was seeing Juanita, without knowing too much about her, she had a healthy bank account. (or at least, she gave Dick the impression that she did)

Seeing smiling men on the fronts of paper money, specifically on bills with several zeros on them, always brings out the best in Dick…especially when they belong to single women looking for a mate. Dick would do anything to get into her pants and ultimately into her savings.

From what I’m piecing together, Dick is pulling out all the stops to make Juanita his next bride and she is catching the bait, hook, line and sinker.

Since I filed for divorce, Juanita has a new monthly visitor, in addition to her regular one…assuming “Aunt Flo” still pays regular visits (and I would venture to say that she does,  since Dick, who talks to her every night on his cell phone, loudly enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, reminded her one evening to take something before she took her evening shower, then chuckled at a comment she made, and ended that conversation with I love you too.

Every four weeks or so, Dick has been flying out to be with Juanita. He’s been leaving on Thursday afternoons and returning home on Sunday afternoons. During their brief interludes together, thousands of dollars are spent on heaven knows what. I can’t even begin to imagine where they could possibly be going or what they could be doing.

I do know how much he is taking with him in cash because this amount is unaccountable from his paychecks. He tells Ashley that he is going away on “business.”  When I ask him if he is going out-of-town, his answer to me is always the same: We are getting a divorce. He can do whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to tell me anything anymore.

Lover Boy is acting like he’s got money to burn.

He’s trying to impress Juanita with what he doesn’t have (or at least what I don’t know he has!) so she will think she is hitting the jackpot by falling in love with a wealthy doctor who lives this flamboyantly all the time. One day she’ll wake up and see the phoney baloney for who he really is. By then, I should be free of Dick and she can find out what a wonderful catch he really is.

Throughout our whole  marriage, Dick was a tightwad, even with MY money. Right after we got married, he bought a small practice that he hoped to build up. I worked at a hospital  and gave him spending money out of my paychecks. One day, about a month after we got married, I told Dick that I was going out to buy myself a dress. He went ballistic, yelling that there was no money for me to spend on clothes for myself.

A mammoth argument resulted. I went out and bought what I wanted anyway. However, I also came home with a lot of needless guilt. The pattern for the next 26 years was set. In addition to not wanting to spend a penny on me, after we bought our townhouse, he argued, insisted and eventually brainwashed me to believe we didn’t have the funds to spend to fix the place up or replace appliances, windows, carpeting, etc., when they wore out or became outdated.

These sanctions never applied to himself.

For some reason, even though he kept insisting how dire our financial circumstances were, every two to three years, money miraculously materialized for him to buy the latest, fully loaded Mercedes or Lexus. So while we’re sitting on torn chairs which were  part of our original kitchen set, freezing in our home during the winter because the windows need replacing, living with outdated, worn out carpeting, window coverings, wallpaper and appliances, washing dishes by hand because our dishwasher broke several years ago, Dr. Dick is investing our money on what he feels are worthwhile commodities: himself and his meal ticket to a new life.





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