The Cost of Love


Josh is a lot like me. He doesn’t keep his feelings bottled up inside. If something is bothering him, he lets everyone know about it.

So I wasn’t at all surprised by what happened next.

After the “Congratulations” remark, Josh immediately turned to Dick and said, “If you ruin my birthday dinner on Saturday night, I will never speak to you again.”

Dick loudly and angrily riposted with the following backlash, “Don’t you ever threaten me. Because of me, you don’t owe any money for college. Over the years, I’ve bought you everything you wanted.  This is the thanks I get after all I’ve given you.”

Not once did it occur to Dick to question why  Josh would feel that he would ruin his birthday by something he would say or do.

A heated argument quickly escalated between the two.

Unfortunately Dick equates how much money he spends on the children with how wonderful a father he is. He tries to buy their love and affection with material possessions.

Consequently, if the kids have a difference of opinion or want to do something that isn’t what Dick wants, he lays on the guilt heavily and thickly.



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