We’re Getting A Divorce…Take Two


Wednesday, July 22. 2009

Today was my court date to have the temporary restraining order turned into a permanent injunction. (Who would have thought that in such a short amount of time, I could have learned to speak somewhat fluent legalese!)

I dropped Ashley off at camp in the morning and headed straight to the courthouse.

After I parked my car, made my way into the building, put my purse into the bin to be scanned, stepped through the security threshold and found my way to my courtroom where I was meeting my lawyer, I was amazed at how much easier this process seemed to be than merely a week ago.

When my name was called, my attorney and I approached the judge’s bench. My counsel made his request. It was immediately granted. Piece of cake!

What a waste of a perfectly good Xanax! Now if the rest of my day would only go this smoothly.

Dick and I decided that tonight was the night to let Josh know about our divorce. After all, Ashley, my immediate family, ALL of my closest friends, not so closest, somewhat and extremely distant friends, and complete strangers knew. I’m not quite sure who Dick told at that point. It seemed only fitting that our son should also be filled in on the news.

When Josh finally came home -after spending the day at work and then having dinner with his girlfriend-Dick told him there was something the four of us needed to discuss. We then sat down in the family room and Dick proceeded to go into a whole long spiel. As he rambled on and on talking in circles about things he’d brought up ad nauseam over the years, nervously I smiled to myself as I realized that the ball was finally set in motion.

For the first time since I got married, (actually engaged) I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though at this point it’s a very dim flicker at the termination of an extremely long, dark, ominous, bleak passage. Nevertheless it’s oh-so-subtle shimmer has made its debut appearance!

Tuning back in to the conversation, I heard Dick finally announce that we are getting a divorce.

Josh’s response, “Congratulations. You two should have done this years ago.”


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