When Did All This Happen?



When I was younger and heard about women who had no clue about how to manage their finances or knew anything about their assets, I was always shocked.

What idiots, I used to think to myself. How could any woman in today’s society not know where her money is, how much she has and who is managing it? It was mind-boggling to me.

Back then, one thing I knew for sure was I was not turning out like that. In fact, if I had to bet my life on it, this would have been a no-brainer,  cash in my chips, I’m going home a winner kind of gamble.

After all, I had too much going for me to ever wind up like “THEM.” I was a strong-willed, self-sufficient young woman with a master’s degree and a good career. I might have had plenty of other concerns, but this was not one of them. No siree bob!

In fact, until I married Dick, I never worried about money at all. As a newlywed, I believed that we could always find work to pay the bills. Dick and I were young,healthy, intelligent and well-educated. It stood to reason that over time, we’d only get more and more financially secure. I always imagined that we would look back on our early years together and think, We might not have had a lot of money, but we always managed ad look at how far we’ve come.

So the question is: How did I morph into someone I swore I would never become?

*It’s true what they say about “Never say never.” I’m living proof! Probably not a good idea to tempt fate!

When did the me I used to be disappear and when did this woman (who I don’t even recognize), who was clueless about not only her finances, but about almost everything concerning her life take over my existence?

And when did fear of not having enough money start consuming my daily life?

Great questions, if I must say so myself.

I only wish I knew the answers.



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