He Took All The Credit

Credit-cards[1]Dick came home from work late that afternoon and told me he needed to talk to me. He had a shifty glare in his eyes and a cool, calculated demeanor. It was quite obvious that more trouble was brewing. Very calmly and with an air of great pleasure, he said, “Because I’m such a nice guy I’m letting you know that I cancelled the credit card today and took one out in my name only. I don’t want you to get embarrassed by trying to charge something and finding out that you can’t use the card.”

Realizing that Dick was systematically cutting me off from all sources of money, the muscles in my jaw and neck immediately went into lockdown, creating a choking sensation in my throat. Struggling to breathe, I just wished that I would die quickly and be put out of my misery. At that moment, I didn’t have the energy, desire or will to face the onslaught of nastiness that my sick, mean husband was looking forward to torturing me with as this divorce process was progressing.

Somehow I managed to look at him with an emotionless gaze and said, “When did you become such an angry, bitter, hateful individual?  He replied, “I’m a very kind person.” I coldly responded, “You are one of the few people who actually thinks so.”

Fortunately, soon after this conversation ended, he took Ashley to his mom’s house for dinner. I then had the luxury of melting down privately. Completely panic-stricken, I called my attorney to report this latest incident. He advised me to call the credit card company to verify that Dick actually took me off of the card and wasn’t just lying to intimidate me. Then he told me  if Dick did in fact cancel your credit card, get one in your name. What?  I thought to myself. I can actually do this???

With my fingers quivering and my heart racing, I dialed the customer service number on the back of my  credit card. The representative on the other end of the line confirmed that I was no longer able to use the card. “How was this possible when both of our names were on the account?” I questioned. “Because the account was in your husband’s name and he authorized you to use his card. Today he requested to take you off and because the card was in his name, he had the right to do that,” responded the voice coming from the phone. I wasn’t sure if I heard this correctly because the swooshing sound of the blood pulsating through my head along with the explosive pounding that was thumping away against my chest wall was muffling what was being said to me. Somewhere in this stupor I heard myself saying, ” Then I would like to get a card in my name.” “No problem,” was the reply. ‘Let me connect you with someone who can take care of that for you.”

After waiting on hold for an indefinite period of time, finally a gentleman came on the phone. He then asked me a number of questions. I was put on hold again. When he returned, he told me that I now had credit in my own name, explained the plan, credit limit, benefits of the card and that the card would arrive in the mail within 10 business days.

Great… I was going to have credit but no money to pay for anything!


6 thoughts on “He Took All The Credit

  1. My “Dick” cancelled my 2 credit cards, but didn’t notify me first. I actually was purchasing Hanukkah gifts for HIS FAMILY when I was informed by a store clert. Classy. – I’ll never forget how embarassed I was that day. Luckily, I did have some income from my part-time job, but it certainly was not enough to cover expenses. I also remember how panic-stricken I was.

    I still can’t believe people/clients think my “Dick” is such a nice, funny, guy – I know better!!!

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    • I’m so sorry to hear that you dealt with this too. To the “outside world, professional world and to those they want to impress” these “Dicks” can be the sweetest, most charming, charismatic men. Yet, to the women whom they are supposed to love, cherish and treat better than anyone else (their wives) they are mean, nasty, devious, hurtful and hateful. It’s their “Jekyll and Hyde” personalities. These are intelligent, well-educated and many times, highly-successful men. This is inexcusable. Unfortunately, this behavior is way too common. Not only is it sickening but It needs to be exposed for what it is. NO one, under any circumstances should ever be subjected to or tolerate this treatment, especially in their own homes.


  2. Questions for you – how are the relationships between your kids and your ex? And, do your kids know about this blog? If yes, what do they think about it?


    • My kids see their dad and have a relationship with him. I try not to get involved with what happens between them. How about your kids and your ex? My kids know that I had plans to write about my marriage, divorce and moving on. I haven’t shared the actual blog with them. It was a painful experience for them to grow up in this environment. They don’t need to re-live it again!


  3. They all have good relationships with him. But, he has manipulated my youngest son to the point where we have not had a positive relationship for 7 yrs. And Jordan works with you know who. Has caused me grt pain since we used to be so close. I don’t even recognize my son any longer. He is like a mini R….


  4. I’m so sorry to read this! I don’t know who Jordan works with. R? Hopefully in time he will see things for what they are and he will come around.


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