It Was a Hard Day’s Night


Somehow I survived the day. It was mind boggling trying to process everything that transpired since the morning. When all the tumult finally quieted down, total exhaustion overtook my body, mind and spirit. All I wanted to do was get into bed, relax, unwind and fall asleep.

Then it hit me. Where was I going to sleep? There was no way I was ever going to share a bed with Dick again. I also knew that he was not going to give up our bed and sleep anywhere else either. So where was I supposed to go? I decided to take out Ashley’s sleeping bag from her closet and camp out on the floor in her bedroom. To say she was not in the mood for a slumber party or a night of mother-daughter bonding was an understatement. However, at that point there were no other options. As much as Ashley didn’t want a roommate, I just couldn’t crash in Josh’s room either. She was stuck with me until Josh would go back to school and then I would move into his room. Talk about feeling like a lost soul. I couldn’t even find a place for myself in my own home. Nor was I in the mood  for an impromptu game of Musical Beds. Something was definitely wrong with this picture and it was getting more and more out of focus as time went on.

Considering how my life was going, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to read that when Ashley was an infant, the four of us were in a horrific car accident that totaled four of the five vehicles involved. Thankfully, everyone walked away from the crash alive. However, as luck would have it, I was the only one injured. I was left with permanent neck and upper back problems. After several years of physical therapy, medications, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, I was finally able to make it through the day without being in unbearable, unrelenting pain.

So much for progress. After spending the night on the hard floor, I was back to square one. My neck and upper back were stiff as boards. On top of that, my lower back and right hip (two areas of my body that never bothered me before) were writhing in pain. Meanwhile, Dick slept like a baby in our comfortable bed.


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